Sales Recovery Dashboard

Simon’s Results

Your Sales Recovery Dashboard measures your performance across 4 areas of growth, outlined below.

Sales Habits
Lead Generation
Process & Systems
Marketing Habits

Based on your results, our Sales Recovery Team suggest you consider the following personalised Task List to help you get started.

Task List

  1. Write down and review my sales habits. and review CRM’s ability to integrate with other systems to improve efficiency and customer experience.
  2. Write a list of possible lead sources and evaluate the risk/reward. Draw up a plan to get to 4 lead sources. (Note, this may differ for your particular needs, but is a good benchmark)
  3. Q3 – Yes
  4. Q4 – On a regular interval
  5. Q4 – On a regular interval
  6. Q6 – Yes
  7. Q8 – I generate a steady stream
  8. Q9 – Irregularly

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